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California Real Estate Associates is here to serve the owner for all your property management service needs. We are also Realtors and  Short Sale certified. We can also save you money if you decide to Sell your property.  as our client.

THE AREA'S WE SERVICE:   Sacramento and Placer Counties!    from Sacramento to Roseville, Rocklin, Rancho Cordova, Fair Oaks, Carmichael, El Dorado Hills.

NO UP FRONT FEES!   (Owner holds  tenant deposits) / All Maintenance must have owners approval. /

  1. Package #1 Flat Monthly Fee $95 or 6%  (whichever is higher)(owner pays for unlawful detainer)
  2. Assumption properties can only use Package #1.
  3. Package #2 Flat Monthly Fee $125 or 8%  (whichever is higher (includes broker paying for unlawful detainer)
  1. Add On – Taking care of  monthly HOA issues- $75.00 per month (if Applicable)
  2. Add On -  FREE Annual Lease Renewals - (This is not automatic)
  3. Add On -  $5.00 for - Direct Deposit to- Chase, Wells Fargo, Citi Bank, Bank of America, ,

Finder’s Fee $495.00  (Paid when we provide a qualified to us when we find a qualified tenant) ( This fee covers costs for  Advertising on the MLS, Zillow, Postlets, Yahoo Real Estate, Hot Pads, and Trulia. And paying other Realtors finder’s fee for bringing in a.Tenant.

Thank you for Inquiring about California Real Estate Associates PM Services.

When requested a Property Management Agreement  will be sent to you to read over and if you have any questions please call me. @ 916-718-6645

Enclosed below is a list of Safety, Cleaning, and Habitability/Functionality to help guide you in your rental preparation.

When soon as you sign and return the Property Management Agreement, we show up and take pictures, place a sign on the property and start marketing right away to get your property rented. (During this time we can work together and decide what the best market rental price is for your property).

Please read the attached information this helps in getting the property ready for rental.

If you have any questions please contact me @ 916-718-6645

Also here is a guideline of what you the owner’s responsibility is in helping to prepare your property for rental.

  1. Working smoke detectors – (How many is based on bedrooms and living space) please ask. Usually 1 per bedroom and living area.
  2. CO detectors 1 each for 1 story, 2 each for 2 stories.
  3. Window blinds or coverings for each window, and make sure all windows have screens and screens do not have holes in them including screen doors.
  4.  Water heater must be double strapped, and in working condition.
  5. Complete house cleaning (Professionally done) – We have vendors who do this. Which includes windows, blinds, ceiling fans, inside and out kitchen cabinets, oven/ stove, bathrooms (does not include carpets).
  6. Carpet cleaned / or tile floors steamed.
  7. making sure all hardware on cabinets is working. (Like handles, rollers etc).
  8.  All electrical outlets are in working condition.
  9. Air conditioner working and all filters are changed.
  10. All doorknobs in the house should be working. (Note: dead bolts, keyed door locks on doors in bedrooms are a Safety Code violation and must be changed out.)
  11. All exterior entry doors w/dead bolts must be working and secure.
  12. A onetime professional bug spray, if new tenant requests it or if there are spiders, roaches and other bugs).
  13. All plumbing must be functional.  Example: toilets, faucets, shower-heads, and no Leaks under the sinks.
  14. 2-garage remotes – and having a safe and functional garage door.
  15. All bathroom and kitchen faucets secured and functioning with no leaks.
  16. All ceiling fans must work / and be cleaned.
  17. If home has not been painted for 2 years - We recommend re-painting and or touch-up.
  18. Sprinkler system must be working and checked that all sprinkler heads are working w/ no leaks.
  19. Please check for bee hives and birds’ nests and remove if necessary.
  20. All windows that open and close should work and be able to lock (If cracked or broken windows – must replace.)
  21. Make sure all light fixtures & bulbs are working.
  22. (If applicable) Fireplace must be cleaned and in working condition.
  23. (If applicable) If you are leaving a refrigerator or washer and dryer it must be in working condition and wiped out. (These Items are considered a convenience Item only and are NOT required.)
  24. Make sure all air vents are vacuumed and wiped out.
  25. Make sure all outside gates are useable and lock from the inside.
  26. Please make sure you have 3 entry door keys made  (2 for new tenant),  (1 we keep in the office)
  27. If your property is in an HOA please send us a copy of the rules and regulations so we can pass it to the new tenants.
  28. (If Needed)  A onetime pest control house spraying prior to move in of new tenant.

Please Note: We have contractors that work with us and they are vendors that can fix items for you if you need quotes please let us know.       Thank You


Questions please call Jeff @ 916-718-6645  or email me @

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